Join us at the iconic Perth City Farm as local leaders in the world of sustainability and conservation come together to demonstrate just how simple it is to choose and live a sustainable and exciting lifestyle. Multiple sustainability initiatives for apartment occupants will be showcased including renewable energy opportunities, water conservation, recycling and waste avoidance and alternative sustainable transport options that come from living in an apartment.

Learn how to:

  • Grow food from your balcony
  • conserve and track your energy
  • choose the best sustainable products
  • save water
  • live a low carbon lifestyle - easily!


  • Electric bikes
  • Electric vehicles (tesla, bmw, nissan...)
  • rtr live local music
  • live demonstrations
  • tours through the community garden


Piers Verstegen

CCWA | 11am

TOPIC: Density vs Sustainability

Piers is one of the most influential people for his work in the environment and sustainability fields. LEARN ABOUT the What Perth Wants research which looks at community attitudes towards housing choice and the future development of Perth City.

Indira Naidoo

Edible Balcony | 11.30am

TOPIC: Growing food from small spaces

Indira Naidoo is an Australian author, journalist and television presenter. More recently Indira has turned her communication skills to the issues of food security, sustainability and gardening. LEARN ABOUT her adventures growing fruit and  vegetables on her inner-city balconies and roof tops.

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Chiara Pacifici

Psaros | 1pm

TOPIC: Sustainability Initiatives

As Head of Sustainability at Psaros, Chiara combines a passion for the environment and property to pursue sustainable benefits and green initiatives across Psaros buildings with the end-user in mind. LEARN ABOUT award-winning Psaros apartment buildings and the initiatives.

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Sven Robertson

Psaros | 1.15pm

TOPIC: Apartment Living

Sven is a multi-award winning real-estate agent with an in-depth knowledge of the property industry. LEARN ABOUT why living in an apartment is the sustainable choice and how to value and sell sustainability.

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Alex Bruce

eTool® LCD | 1.30pm

TOPIC: Living Low Carbon

Alex is the co-founder of eTool, a Life Cycle Design Software company focused on both building sustainability, reducing impact on the planet and building better. LEARN ABOUT using Life Cycle Design to build low carbon quality buildings.

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Maxine Murray

PerthAlive | 2pm

TOPIC: Ageing In Place

As chair of PerthAlive, Maxine promotes alternative urban planning and design that accommodates people of all ages and specifically supports ageing in place. LEARN ABOUT the demand for developments that suit people of all ages which are vibrant, concentrated and mixed-use, calling for an inter-generational approach to housing supply.

Peg Davies

Earth Carers | 2.30pm

TOPIC: Waste Avoidance & Recycling in Apartments

As a Waste Education Officer, Peg spreads the word on resource management solutions promoting sustainable living practices through reducing consumption, re-using and recycling. LEARN ABOUT how to reduce and why it is so important.

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Chris Ferreira

The Forever Project | 3pm

TOPIC: Reduce Water & Energy Use In Apartments 

Chris has been a leading expert on sustainability in WA for the last 22 years. He specialises in community education and advocacy focusing on sustainable waterwise gardening, energy efficiency and renewable energy. LEARN ABOUT low cost ways to save on energy and water use inside your apartment.

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Perth City Farm

1 City Farm Place, East Perth

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